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Roscioli Hotels Rome: accommodations of the group

Discover the comforts and amenities available at Roscioli Hotels, 4-star hotels in Rome a few minutes away from city's main attractions.

BW Plus Hotel Universo

Hotel Universo Rome 4 star rooms

198 rooms, restaurant, fitness and congress centre with 10 meeting rooms.

BW Hotel President

Rooms Hotel President 4 stars Rome

192 rooms, bar and restaurant close to the Colosseum...

BW Premier Hotel Royal Santina

Rooms at Hotel Royal Santina Rome 4 star hotel

118 rooms, restaurant, fitness and congress center with 5 meeting rooms.

Hotel Aris Garden

Rooms Hotel Aris Garden Rome

104 rooms, sporting centre with agreement and outdoor swimming pool.  

Hilton Garden Inn

Rooms At Hilton Garden Inn Rome

93 rooms, 4 meeting rooms, restaurant and fitness centre.


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