Rome, a city built for "the eminent visitor", has hospitality as its essential mission. From pilgrim for whom the streets were created and forged, to the ancient and modern tourists, the Eternal City offers its image of the embrace on Saint Peter's square to the world and the foreigner. Today, few remember the indissoluble bond between the city and the workers of the hotel industry. But there are some stories that remain tangible.


And passions that become history. A shared passion for hospitality unites Giuseppe Roscioli and Anna Maria Pallavicini, a young couple who settle their first hotel in Nice. But Rome is meant to be their destination. In 1932, at a table of the Grand'Italia café in Piazza Esedra, two friends offer Giuseppe and Anna Maria to buy a little Inn, on the second floor of a noble palace built in 1888 near the Station.

It is the beginning of a story, the beginning of "our" story. In 1933 the Pensione Roscioli sees the light, the first in Rome with running water in each room and just before the war; the family completely refurbish the hotel. Their friends and usual guests are so impressed and change its name to "Universo". The destiny of the family is unavoidably bonded to the Capital and the events of Italy: in 1943 the hotel becomes the headquarters of the German troops, and then a base of the British Army after the liberation. Giuseppe, Annamaria and their children Dario, Franco, Claudio and Livio, have to lead the family in one of the most dramatic moments of our history, but passion persists and strengthens.

In the new Hotel Universo, the Roscioli keeps introducing novelties, aware of the role of hospitality in Rome. In 1957, with 300 seats, the Conference Room of the hotel is the largest and most modern of the entire city. Years pass by, the family grows, and passion too: since 1984, one after the other, they add new hotels: the President, the Royal Santina, the Aris Garden, the Claridge, which standards are recognized by important international hotel chains as Best Western and Hilton.

Nowadays the Roscioli Group with its four stars for elegance and its own history since 1933 continuously bonded to the hotel industry of Rome, forms a unique image in the Eternal city dedicated to hospitality. Success is transmitted into the hands of the grandchildren who continue to welcome the guests with the warmth of tradition and innovation in its five family structures, but, above all, expressed through a feeling transmitted from father to son, from 'beginning of the twentieth century to today, "passion". This year the Roscioli family will blow eighty candles in the heart of the capital.

We are the fourth generation and the story continues.... And it is still a wonderful adventure!